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What is Mandy’s Favorite Sauce?

Mandy Fav Sauce
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For our first Behind The Kitchen Series, we decided we would ask Mandy one of the toughest questions of all… What’s her favorite sauce! Here’s what she had to say…

Well, it depends on my mood.

Sometimes I feel like having something that’s not sweet and not salty, not spicy, and that’s the coconut curry. At that moment, it will be my favorite sauce. It’s a sauce that I made for myself so and I just kind of shared with the people.

Tamarind chipotle barbecue. I like it when I’m eating mac and cheese.

Perry K Spice. I like it when I’m eating jollof rice.

Jerk barbecue. I also like it with mac and cheese, so I kind of like it’s the mood.

So I would say I like the original Perry Wings but I’m tired of it. I eat it all the time.

Perry K Spice is the new hot thing in town, and I like that with jollof rice. And if you want to throw a side in there, avocado.

So yeah. So don’t ask me for my previous sauce. I mean, come on.

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