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Behind The Kitchen

What is Perry Wings FTL?

Definitely a great space. A place where we want everyone to feel welcome. To feel at home. The food is great! We know because we make it for our family
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How to reheat your to-go order of wings!

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What are Mandy’s hobbies?

I like music. I like to go wherever there’s good music. I like to listen to good music. I like live music. I like carnival. I like to travel and
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Where do you want to see Perry Wings in the next 5 years?

In a lot of other countries! Not just the US but other countries. Ones that don't make me have to work too hard.
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Why Work At Perry Wings FTL?

It is a great place to work because we respect each other. We love each other. We're all working together toward a common goal.
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Oakland Park

Why Perry Wings In Oakland Park?

We continue to explore the mind behind the kitchen of Perry Wings and ask the CEO, Mandy Gonzague, why she chose Oakland Park for the home of Perry Wings FTL.
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